Our Approach

Coastal Quest fulfills its mission by working with communities, government, industry, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and resource managers through its core program areas:

Capacity-Building and Knowledge-Sharing

The field of resource management and conservation is dynamic and ever-changing; thus there is a need for organizations to stay abreast of cutting-edge ideas and models as different players enter the landscape and new approaches gain traction. Through its Capacity-Building and Knowledge-Sharing program, Coastal Quest partners with organizations and individuals to share information and recommendations regarding new approaches and models, identify best practices,and provide the materials and training that best fit practitioners’ needs and objectives.

Successful Implementation

Through its Successful Implementation program, Coastal Quest seeks to reduce the burden on partners’ limited resources, helping them to increase productivity and boost performance by providing assistance with such activities as strategic partnership development, regranting, meeting development and facilitation, and other project management and administrative tasks. We use our in-depth institutional and geographically-specific knowledge, established networks, and expertise to help identify, assess, select and execute the partnerships, activities, and initiatives most appropriate for an organization’s regional and institutional needs and objectives.

Applied Research and Tool Development

As part of its Applied Research and Tool Development program, Coastal Quest conducts original user-driven actionable research on novel and emerging environmental and social science topics in an effort to advance the conservation and resource management sectors and to develop innovative products for integration into decision-making. These products are designed to improve practices, build local capacity, inform consumers, and improve the effectiveness of coastal and ocean protection, management, and use.