Presentation at IUCN 2014 World Parks Congress in Australia

Blue Earth Consultants, LLC and its strategic partner, Coastal Quest, presented three projects at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia. The Congress, held once every ten years, hosts delegates from around the world who will share their work on marine and terrestrial parks and inform discussions among international delegates to set recommendations for protected area priorities over the coming decade. The conference provides an exciting opportunity to scale up learning about Blue Earth Consultants’ past work on marine protected areas (MPAs) and funding mechanisms for marine conservation. Specifically, Blue Earth Consultants highlighted its findings on lessons learned from private and public ocean conservation donors around the world, sustainable financing for two MPAs in St. Lucia, and key elements for implementing successful MPA networks.

Recently Published in Coastal Management

Coastal Quest was a grantee of the Walton Family Foundation and David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Blue Earth Consultants developed a comprehensive assessment of science integration for the entire Gulf of California region. This assessment examined needs and opportunities for scientific research and the strengthening of science integration for decision-making, identified capacity gaps and priorities for science and for building a two-way connection between science and decision-making, mapped the current institutional arrangements, and identified future needs and opportunities for ocean and coastal management in the Gulf of California. The article, “Coastal and Ocean Science-Based Decision-Making in the Gulf of California: Lessons and Opportunities for Improvement,” was recently published in the journal Coastal Management; the article describes key findings from this project.

Grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Coastal Quest received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to create a sustainable financing business plan for the Soufriere Marine Management Association in St. Lucia.

Graphically Designed Summary on Conservation Funding

With the support of the Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation, Coastal Quest and its implementing partner, Blue Earth Consultants, LLC, are excited to share the graphically designed executive summary of the 2010 study, Ocean Conservation Strategic Funding Initiatives: A Study of Successes and Lessons Learned conducted for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The executive summary examined 20 large-scale ocean conservation strategic funding initiatives from the government and foundation sectors to distill successes and failures, investment gaps and opportunities, and lessons to help avoid common pitfalls in achieving sustainable ocean conservation and management. It seeks to provoke more thoughtful, long-term initiatives and grant-making in ocean and coastal conservation. To access the executive summary, Investing In Our Oceans: Insights for Building Lasting Marine Conservation Funding Initiatives, click here. To access the full report, Ocean Conservation Strategic Funding Initiatives: A Study of Successes and Lessons Learned, click here.