COASTAL QUEST is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the coast for people and nature


Oceans cover 71% of the Earth, with about 372,000 miles of coastline

About 44% of the world’s population lives on the coast

US Ports handle over $700 billion in merchandise annually

In the US there are more than 60 million coastal watershed jobs

Coastal California employs 11.8 million people annually, earning a total of almost $788 billion

The world’s productive coastline is valued at more than $7.8 trillion


MPA Outreach and Education Small Grants Program Awards Announced!

We are pleased to announce 13 grant awards for the 2020 Marine Protected Area (MPA) Outreach and Education Small Grants Program. Grantees will be implementing projects along the California coast, many in underserved communities, that will help increase ocean stewardship, engagement, compliance, and leadership. For more information on this program, and a full list of awardees, visit the Small Grants Progam page.